As usual I’m late with the tea, and it’s my damn tea that I’m spilling. So I told y’all last week, I was waiting, not patiently, for some news and I received it! Whoot whoot! So … I’m moving to Dallas Texas in less than thirty days! [Insert Scream]

Now that I’ve written that down, it’s really real. It’s really happening. I’m taking these few days to recharge my battery, rest and refocus myself on the things that are important to me. I needed this time to get my thoughts back in order.

I’ll still be working as much as I normally do, because bills will definitely still need to get paid, but I’m working on putting aside the time needed to fly back and forth to Dallas from Chicago, and NYC if needed. However I wanted y’all to be the first to know the news!

Don’t worry our adventures will continue, no matter the city!

Tristan Jonez.