So No date today?

This is reason 264857542965 why I’m choosing to give dating a break. If you have no intentions of actually going out with me, then stop making these half assed plans. At bare minimum you ask me out you need a location and a time, as a bonus, on occasion I’m willing to meet you ‘there’. So you’re only responsible for picking a place, a time and picking up the bill, if it’s a first date especially. I’m not sure why, but this is proving to be a problem, my bare minimums are proving to be too much to adhere to. 

I was supposed to go on a date today. However I’m here in bed. I had to look at the calendar to check if today was Thursday, and go thru my phone like wait I thought I had something to do for today. It’s my last day off before returning back to work so I had no travel plans but imagine if I canceled so I could be available for this guy? Negative. I have to stop putting my hopes up at all for these men who clearly have no scruples. 

If he was interested then he would’ve made it happen. I shouldn’t be required to do all the leg work, it’s rather simple, you want to see me then make it happen. If you’re that busy, which I doubt, but if you are, then make the time if I’m a priority.