For the past two months, I’ve been documenting my journey moving from Dallas back to Chicago. What started out as a way to use all of my bath products, turned into my vlogging of essentially everyday activities. It’s funny how second nature recording has become, but its not something that’s done all day, everyday. I posted the first video, I now have thirty-seven videos, and there’s still twenty days left before I am fully moved out.

I was, and if I’m being honest, still nervous about the videos. Lord knows, people are so damn mean, that its hard to put yourself out there and not really know what to expect. However I threw caution to the wind, and dropped the video. I’ve worked hard, and I’ve gotten much better with my editing, and it deserved to be out in the World.

2020 has taught me, Do it, and Do it Now!

Trstn Jnz