When was the last time you listened to the traffic? Thats been my favorite pastime as of late. No music, lights off, phone wherever …. and just lay and get lost in the passing of the cars. I live on a fair quiet street, although it does intersect with a Main Street in Chicago, Archer (Ave?) For the most part, after 9p, you hear very little, however tonight, it was like I was in the center of the street. I’ll chuck it up to being a beautiful Saturday night in Chicago.

Tonight made me slightly miss New York Summers in Washington Heights.

Tristan Jonez.

When was the last time you listened to the traffic .. for leisure?

Zoo Lights

Call me ‘Johnny come lately’ because I totally wasn’t thinking about Corona, and having to plan early for ANY/ALL activities, so I think I may have missed the opportunity to see Zoo Lights Chicago 2020. I just have a thing about Christmas lights during the holidays! So although, all the museums in Chicago have closed temporarily, the Zoo remained opened due to it being outside, and able to distanced socially. Plus all the animals are in their glass huts, looking at us, prolly wanting to throw food at our heads… be that’s a topic for another day.

Also, the Chicago Zoo is free however this year, it is not! So fingers crossed that I am able to secure the bag (Tickets) as I really want to go! Fun Fact, My first Winter in Chicago, I went to Zoo Lights then Went to the Hood, for some Jamaican food. The place has since closed but damn it was divine!

Is there a zoo lights in your city? If so, You going? And Can I tag along? Please!

Tristan Jonez.

A Fail

Its been a while since I’ve experience a fail with my photography, but tonight, I got a dose of failure. I hardly ever shoot at night, its just not a strength, If I’m being honest, but I’ve been looking to challenge myself. Before going out to shoot, I watched a few youtube videos, to familiarize myself with what my presets should be for capturing night photos. Well guys, still a fail! Granted, I didn’t have anything in particular I was attempting to capture, just wanted quality night pictures … of whatever. Well I got just that, but no quality. Well I can’t say that either.

So upon further investigation of my photos, I do like em. I actually like them a lot, BUT its still not what I think of, when thinking of great night photos. I know the artificial lighting didn’t help, but I’m going to play around with the presets, so I can find what works for me. Excited? I damn sure am!

Tristan Jonez.

Also, Let me know what you think of my photos? Thank you!

state to state

I’m back in Chicago, Got in two days ago? three days ago? Chile, IDK, I can barely keep up with the days of the week, but I am back home. Didn’t meant to spend two weeks in New York especially since I barely took enough clothes to last. So trust, I was out here, hand washing everything, everyday! I left Chicago with high 70’s weather, I return to the high 40’s! Gawd! Please remind me why I love this city so much? Sigh! Living in Dallas spoiled me, cuz now I am NOT ready for these cooler temps so early into the fall. Sunshine, please Save ME. I won’t even mention the rain!

Also, Amazon is a Hater! I was supposed to receive a package today, hence me coming home, and guess what wasn’t ready for me? Yup, My damn package. I had plans to fly elsewhere, but I guess Chicago, missed me too!

Tristan Jonez


For the past two months, I’ve been documenting my journey moving from Dallas back to Chicago. What started out as a way to use all of my bath products, turned into my vlogging of essentially everyday activities. It’s funny how second nature recording has become, but its not something that’s done all day, everyday. I posted the first video, I now have thirty-seven videos, and there’s still twenty days left before I am fully moved out.

I was, and if I’m being honest, still nervous about the videos. Lord knows, people are so damn mean, that its hard to put yourself out there and not really know what to expect. However I threw caution to the wind, and dropped the video. I’ve worked hard, and I’ve gotten much better with my editing, and it deserved to be out in the World.

2020 has taught me, Do it, and Do it Now!

Trstn Jnz

In the Name of Fa$hion

The focus was/is the army fatigue sequin pencil skirt from Le Superbe. Everyone always treats army fatigue as a neutral color so I followed the trend and paired it with a outrageous pink tee shirt with a random banana print. As y’all know I’ve been stepping outside of my comfort zone of jeans and a tee shirt so I shocked myself that this paired together so well.

Ladies, I know we can be hard on ourselves about gaining or loosing weight but work on whatever it is you’re stressing over. You see that fupa in the photo, a month ago i would’ve done everything to ‘pose’ it out of my shot, but in reality I’ve embraced what I don’t necessarily love about my body, while slowly making diet and lifestyle changes.

Tristan J.

Rough Weak.

I had a rough week.

Although I had a rough week in the people department, I always feel there’s no room for me to complain. I’m alive, so there’s always an opportunity to improve on whatever’s going on. However in full disclosure, I did shed a few tears headed home from the airport. It’s weird how comforting the airport is to me now.

This week I think I’ve lost a friend, and I’m walking away from a potential love interest. Both situations are draining! At first I wanted to crawl into a hole and hide until my heart had, had time to sort itself out. Then I cried, and felt much better after. Hiding has never done anyone any good ever, so I’ll keep focusing on myself. Instead of focusing on people and how to be there for them, Imma just show up for my damn self.


Body Me Up

First, Chicago was beautiful today! Oh my gosh. It’s been too long since I’ve been able to truly feel the sun on my face. This was the perfect ending to the weekend!

I was able to visit the Market for Makers today, and boy, I think I’ve found a few new body care companies, bonus two out of the three I supported today are black owned. There is just something about seeing folks who look like you, selling something that is amazingly good for my skin. I’m already headed to being a super fan. I’ll admit it, I’m a lover of anything vanilla scented, and Southern Girl Skincare had just what I needed. So of course the first product I touched was Suga Cookie. Upon my initial deep smell, I was transported back to a cabin, where I was sitting in front of the first, drinking my hot chocolate and eating a snickerdoodle cookie. It was magnificent without being too sugary sweet. I knew for sure I just had to have it, plus it was the VERY last one, Score! Because I could not choose between well butter my cocoa and Oh Scarlett, I just threw both in the bag! Cue Fab’s, “Just throw it in the bag”

There had been a crowd around Mocha Tree Organics, every single time I had tried to get a peek at the body scrubs, but finally (!!) the crowd had dissipated. I made a run for the table before anyone could notice. So many options of scrubs all pleasantly scented, it was hard to choose, so naturally I tested the first item my hand touched, Basil Bay Rum. Such an earthy but extremely moisturizing scent/product, I paired my experience with Jasmine Rose because where’s there’s jasmine, there’s me! A small amount truly goes a long way, after my much needed hand scrub, I could not stop touching my hands and relishing in how soft it was. For the rest of the day, I could do nothing more than caress my throughly moisturized hands!

But don’t take my word, check out and

You’re Welcomed, Tristan Jonez.


“You’re not the woman you think you are” -Devon

No! I’m even better!

Its funny how once you no longer care to cultivate a relationship between a man, he tries to disrespect you. However I have to give a fuck, and I don’t. When folks say, “Catch me while I care”, its not better way to describe me. I’m willing to put my time and attention into you while interested but once I see, the energy is not being distributed equally why would I continue with you? What do I look like willingly allowing you to waste my time?

I’m very willing to let a man lead, but why would I follow if you have no clue where you are going? If he wanted it, he would made it happen. Excuses are an insult to my intelligence, especially when you can afford to be honest.

Tristan Jonez

Poem Reader.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the pop up art show at AMFM gallery, remember? Well I semi documented my time at the event, but I left out a minor detail. I met someone, and actually gave him my real number; shocking I know. Although he’s not someone I would go for, I figured why not? I’m in a new city, and my ‘type’ could be whats holding me back from finding the love of my life. Lets call him, Tyrone. Tyrone is a few years younger than me but he’s educated, passionate about his beliefs, and OD hella funny. Like have me in tears, gotta pee funny.

I warned him about me being a flight attendant, that I really have poor time management plus I’m still trying to navigate around being a flight attendant, being away from home in a new city, etc etc etc. It seems like we are still able to interact over the phone, via text and voice calls. Sidenote: The first night we actually chitchatted on the phone, before we ended the call, he read me a poem. So y’all already know I was ready to marry the kid. I just thought that was such an original, dope thing to do, very out of the ordinary, and seemed genuine. Plus for the duration we talked, he would read me a poem before hanging up.

Fast forward to now, we no longer communicate. I’m a bit sad about that but I am not going to hound someone down to be there. It went left as the day we had planned to go on an ‘official’ date he kinda just left me on read, (iPhone). Earlier in the day we were to meet, a classmate flew in, and I gave her an impromptu tour of Chicago. I got back home with enough time to nap, shower and make it to our date, but I didn’t hear anything from him for the rest of the day. I even, double texted and called a few times but no response. And before you jump to take his defense, he’s alive and thriving. So the search continues, but I wanted to let you guys know, its amazing how open you can have a female just by being original.

Happy Dating.

Tristan Jonez

BlkSingle in Chicago

Where are the single, black and attractive men in Chicago? I promise this isn’t shade, because we are all ugly to someone, but I’m looking for where the majority of Black single males hang out. I’m willing to be the single lady who goes out and does an investigation. Research is obviously needed, especially since I honestly can’t find where they are hiding. Do I need to make/take a trip to the hood? IF so, point me in the direction they might be. Is it bars? lounges? Sporting Events? Minus the club, I think I am willing to take one for the single female team, and go see where I can find a group.

Ladies, when I make contact I will ensure they bring their singles friends along. This is just the beginning, but I will not forget y’all when I find the ultimate secret land flowing with single black attractive men!

Tristan Jonez

SPiN Chicago

Pig Pong Anyone?

So what does one do on a Friday Night when your flight has been cancelled? Ping Pong of course. After spending twenty minutes trying to find something to jump at me, I come across, an event at SPiN, announcing “On Friday Nights, We Play” I’m sure at some point in my life, I’ve played ping pong but playing successfully and winning games? Nah.

SPiN is definitely a feel good place with Instagram worthy decor to surely ensure your photos are poppin’, even each stall in the restroom guarantees you’ll be ‘transported’ to that place and space. Photo shoot in the future? Possibly. Mos definitely. In addition to ping pong tables, try your luck at Giant Jenga, and Connect Four.

While SPiN, May look like the perfect date night spot (It is) it’s fully interactive that solo dates, blind dates or friends meeting up, will find something that appeals to their senses. And if not, there’s ALWAYS the full service bar which boast a full menu. I recommend the seasonal mule!

Tristan Jonez

SPiN Chicago, 344 N State Str Chicago 60654