U.Falls S2

I finished season one of Utopia Falls, and I am ready for Season two. Or at least some information on IF there will even be a season two. I won’t spoil anything for those who would like to watch but as of today, there is no word on if the series is scheduled to be canceled. I truly hope that intent the case. It’s a REALLY good series, that is very on par with the things we see in our own societies currently. Also, whoever does the music for the show, deserves a raise! Also, the series didn’t finish on a cliff hanger but I would like to see what the addition brings us, in season two.

Have you watched yet? Its on Hulu, when you do watch, who is a favorite? I like Brooklyn, Sage and Apollo. Tempo grinds my damn gears. I love Bodhi, Aliyah and Mags. Especially Mags.



Do y’all have the pleasure of watching Bosch? Its a series that is shown on Amazon Prime, and I am so in love with the characters … well most of them. There are some that I cant stand for the life of me. The main character, Bosch, is a man you’ll root for. NO SPOILERS but he definitely tip toes on a very fine line of right and wrong. Harry Bosch is an old school cop who, upon his hunches or part of the evidence, believes you’re guilty, will stop at nothing to secure the guilty verdict. I’m currently on season five but I need to slow down my consumption because we were only blessed with seven seasons. And season seven has yet to begin filming, and with the Coronavirus, who knows if it will be completed.

So remember, Bosch, Six Seasons, Amazon Prime, GO WATCH NOW!



One of the most emotional episodes of Sons of Anarchy, for me, is Season 4, Episode 10. So many characters are affected by the choice of Clay. Although I’ve seen the series multiples times, in pieces, I’m rewatching with “fresh eyes”. So obviously I knew he would complete his task, although he had no solid reason to continue except his greed. I don’t think he truly cares about Jax finding out as much as the club finding out his true intentions. Bobby’s on to him, but solely calling him out for being greedy. Even if the “Donna” thing hadn’t happened, I doubt he would’ve reached out to Tig or Happy to assist with hurting Tara.

We’ve see Jax come to the crossroads many times prior to this but now that Tara has completely given up hope, he wants to prove that he can get out. However as the Prince how can he? Is it truly possibly for the VP to dethrone himself? Gemma, makes herself seem meek and naive when it comes to knowing what truly happened to JT, to anyone who feels the need to question her. Unser and Tara both have their suspicions that she’s not as oblivious as she lets on. When Clay turns on her, and it’s apparent she can no longer pull him close, she reveals herself. What is a King without his Queen, in Gemma’s mind, Dead.

Sons of Anarchy will forever be my favorite.

Tristan Jonez