U.Falls S2

I finished season one of Utopia Falls, and I am ready for Season two. Or at least some information on IF there will even be a season two. I won’t spoil anything for those who would like to watch but as of today, there is no word on if the series is scheduled to be canceled. I truly hope that intent the case. It’s a REALLY good series, that is very on par with the things we see in our own societies currently. Also, whoever does the music for the show, deserves a raise! Also, the series didn’t finish on a cliff hanger but I would like to see what the addition brings us, in season two.

Have you watched yet? Its on Hulu, when you do watch, who is a favorite? I like Brooklyn, Sage and Apollo. Tempo grinds my damn gears. I love Bodhi, Aliyah and Mags. Especially Mags.



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