Today is the premiere of Cinderella featuring Brandy and (The Late) Whitney Houston, and I couldn’t be more excited! “Impossible”! It will be premiering on Disney+, unfortunately I do not believe the accompanying soundtrack will not be rereleased as well. I just checked to see If/where its available … technically there was NEVER a soundtrack with the version of songs featuring Brandy & Whitney Houston. So As of right now, the only place you can hear any of the songs … impossible … is on Youtube. And while I am grateful, there is somewhere to listen, I’m needing it to be on Spotify!

Have you ever seen Cinderella? Did you just love it?

Tristan J.


I confess …

I’ve never actually seen Waiting to Exhale. (Covers Face)

I know I know that is something that I should have seen way before turning 30! Maybe some of the lessons, lives, situations in the movie, could’ve prepared me for my own life lessons. Who knows? Tonight I was online, and I was able to watch a snippet, and yes! It was a nice little snippet. I am making it my business, to carve out some time, drink a glass or two of wine and watch the movie.

All I really know of the movie, is there are four black friends. When I think back to my own childhood, I grew up with three other female best friends. Surprisingly we all are cordial, and still keep in touch. They all live in Baltimore, so sometimes it makes difficult for me to stay in the loop, but maybe I can plan a girls night in, with Waiting to Exhale being our featured film.

Tracy, Chant, and Ash, I’ll work on that!

Tristan Jonez.