12 Days.

Shout out to myself for putting together this 12 days of holiday movies, at first I was calling it the First annual, but that would imply I would be doing this again. As much fun as I had, I think once was enough. I’m so excited that you guys joined me during the posting of the list, to tell me which movies where your favorite and those must see movies. I found myself looking forward to sharing my top movies, recording my video for the day and I anticipated you guys feedback.

Just in case you missed any of the movies, here a full list in order.

1. The Best Man Holiday
2. Last Holiday
3. The Preacher’s Wife
4. Elf
5. Home Alone
6. Almost Christmas (This/That) This Christmas
7. Get Santa
8. Die Hard
9. A Christmas Prince
10. (Double Header) The Nightmare Before Christmas/Bad Santa
11.The Holiday
12. How the Grinch stole Christmas


Tristan Jonez

Dating Isn’t Free

I’ve always wondered how men approach dating, how they decided where they should take a date, if they thought through how the evening would go, was any real planning involved or if they just showed up and winged the whole shit. I had a very brief conversation with a friend tonight who stated something along the lines of women only care about a man’s money, and they don’t be wanting to date a broke man. To me, there are degrees of broke so I questioned the word broke but he didn’t break down what he meant by broke. 

I can ONLY speak for myself, but I don’t want to date a broke man. Broke being the inability to take US on a date, such as dinner and a movie and the like. I honestly believe myself to be a woman who likes a variety of dates, I’m extremely happy going to The MET museum, and it’s free but it does Cost to date! How will we get to know each other if I never see you interact in social settings. As a grown ass woman, with standards, I shouldn’t have to deprive myself of the activities I like to partake in because you can’t afford to participate. If I love to travel, but you hate to explore a new country, does that mean I should give up my love for travel? 

Just like you should live within your mean, you should also date your wage. Perhaps there’s a girl out there that enjoys meeting up to chill, or solely talking on the phone for months at a time. I know that wouldn’t work for me. However if you are upfront with what you expect while dating, lord knows this will save everyone time and energy. 

Tristan Jonez 

Incredible Unicorn 

Big Up to Netflix. 

I just finished watching The Incredible Jessica James and I think I need to watch that shit again! How can you not love a woman who speaks her mind, on a first tender date, letting this man know he’s getting no sex. Classic. Such a self assured blk woman, but is she really so self assured? 

I love that we got to see into her “family” life, when she returns home for her sister’s baby shower. Even I felt as if she didn’t belong there, or she too would get “sucked” into that complacent lifestyle. Kudos to her for getting out! I love that we are able to see Jessica And Boone go thru their break up (to other people) but still try to figure out wtf they are doing with to and with one another. An unlikely pairing, blossoms, awkwardly at times, into something that could be more for both. I throughly enjoyed the interaction between Jessica and Boone. I’m a bit sadden that it was a movie, and now I’m stuck creating a part two in my head. 

The Incredible Jessica James is currently showing on Netflix. If you do have it, get the password from a friend! 

Tristan Jonez 

Hitch (Reviewish)

Because I am a romantic sap, my favorite movie is Hitch. Well one of my favorites, there are movies that I could sit and watch every single day! When I watch Hitch, it just gives me hope that I can, too, find someone who meshes that well with me. For those wondering I am Casey in the film, I am that friend, that dates these losers, because I have hope that they will finally be my prince incredible. Possibly If I was more like Sarah, being such a ‘realist’ she limits the amount of hurt she subjects herself to, on the flip side, she also limits herself to the amount of happiness she could possible receive too.

SideNote: I always gush over Sarah’s apartment in Soho! That place, with its bay windows, are the stuff we romantic saps dream of! Hitch’s apartment is the maker of tears, but Sarah’s has a vintage feel to it.

Double SideNote: Sarah and Casey meet up at Rice to Riches in Soho after the horrible date, where Sarah is kicked in her head. Well I absolutely Love that dessert eatery. Let’s plan a date there soon, K?

The only part in the film that makes me roll my eyes EVERY SINGLE TIME, when Hitch goes to the yacht to speak to Allegra Cole, and she lists all the things that Albert does that makes her fall for him, and they are ALL the things Hitch told him not to do, she then says, “Well what did you do?” Hitch Replies, “Nothing” Well thats a damn Lie! He created the boarding meeting outburst that allowed you (Allegra) to actually pay attention to Albert. He also was able to get the tickets to the Sky Studio Fashion Show, for you (Allegra) and your best friend to be heard about your ideas of how you should invest in Maggie’s company, So I would say Hitch did a hell of a lot, and he deserves ALL praises that I hope you gave him! What he did do!? The nerve!

If you have yet to see Hitch, first shame on you, second Go see it today, NOW!

Tristan Jonez.


I confess …

I’ve never actually seen Waiting to Exhale. (Covers Face)

I know I know that is something that I should have seen way before turning 30! Maybe some of the lessons, lives, situations in the movie, could’ve prepared me for my own life lessons. Who knows? Tonight I was online, and I was able to watch a snippet, and yes! It was a nice little snippet. I am making it my business, to carve out some time, drink a glass or two of wine and watch the movie.

All I really know of the movie, is there are four black friends. When I think back to my own childhood, I grew up with three other female best friends. Surprisingly we all are cordial, and still keep in touch. They all live in Baltimore, so sometimes it makes difficult for me to stay in the loop, but maybe I can plan a girls night in, with Waiting to Exhale being our featured film.

Tracy, Chant, and Ash, I’ll work on that!

Tristan Jonez.

Sleepless (Review)

I’m not sure I can give a review of a movie without giving everything away.

I just finished watching Sleepless, starring Jamie Foxx and Michelle Monaghan, and I’ll be the first to say I was pleasantly surprised. I don’t believe adequate press was done for this movie. I remember possibly seeing a trailer once, but nothing after. I dont even recall seeing a movie poster, where were the ads? Where were the publicity? A friend once told me, when movies come out in January, they are usually trash! Well LOW AND BEHOLD, Sleepless was/is a hit! I really enjoyed this movie! Jamie Foxx was captivating!

Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert.

In the beginning, I already had Vin Downs (Jamie Foxx) pegged as a crocked cop, because its hard to be on the straight and narrow while being police in Las Vegas, Lets be real. In the opening of the movie, Vin and his partner Cass (T.I) are on a high speed chase which ultimately ends with a few folks dead, and the cops taking cocaine. I just knew this movie would be about dirty cops pulling a juke (robbery) having the main character’s son held as bait, basically just like all the other movies we have seen thus far. Actually Vin turns out to be a undercover cop, who has sacrificed two years, plus his relationship with his wife and son, to bring down an organized crime family down. However we as the viewer doesnt realized how far up the ladder the corruption goes, until the very end. Because of the way, the movie ended I DO NOT want a sequel to be created unless it can be as equally good, as the first. And since Hollywood usually doesnt have success with the second as much as the first, well lets just say I’m really hoping they choose to leave us on a cliff hanger (sort of)

I just took a break from writing this to read the reviews on IMDB.COM, and they are really bad. Yikes! Granted I didn’t have any expectations for this film, and I also prejudged after the first twenty minutes, but damn! There are really some harsh critics out there. Fortunately this is MY review, and I say, you should go see this film. It recently just went to disc, so get the popcorn, candy and turn it into a movie night.

Tristan Jonez.