Nothing Beats a Sale.

There’s no better feeling in the World than finding the boots you love, in your size, on sale after they are sold out online. I’m telling you no better feeling.

Wait, there is a slight better feeling … When you find out that because they are on clearance online, you’re going to get that price instead.

I will not lie, I am all about a sale, a discount whatever. Why spend full price when I don’t have to? So here’s my Sale story.

I’ve been “window shopping” online since the weather was changing and over the knee boots are always a good time. The boots named Frido has caught my eye, and it was currently on sale for 69$, my size was still available surprisingly. So I’m getting ready to cash out, and bloop my size was no longer available. I know that damn quick! So I didn’t pout, I was annoyed but what can you do? So I ended up buying two other pairs of boots, since I would be moved out of my apartment I decided to have them sent to the store and I’d just pick them up at my convenience. I went to the Aldo on E. 86th str. on a Saturday (insert eye roll) It was a mad house, but I was cool with it as I was just there to pick up my items. As soon as I stand on line, guess what caught my eye? Frido in brown looking so sexy. At first I wasn’t going to approach because I didn’t want that type of disappointment again. So a shopper grabbed them before I could even think twice about getting off the line, asking an associate if they had them in a size 10, the associate said nope, those boots are the last pair and only the seven and a half she was currently holding.

OMG! Did she just say MY size! I hurried my ass off that line and practically grabbed the boots out of her hand, I mean she couldn’t do anything with them. Ladies and Gentlemen, they were as beautiful as I imagined they would be in person. So I turned them over to look at the price, 89$ which included the thirty percent off. Ugh! Did I want to spend that much? Was I really in love? Don’t ask me why, but I asked the cashier if the price differed between online and the store would they honor the online price? When she said yes I wanted to jump for joy. I held in my excitement, and let them know I would be purchasing my sexy Frido immediately. So Instead of paying original price of 150$, or even the sale price of 89$, guess how much I paid?

You’ll Never guess… Your girl paid $39.99, Ain’t God good?! Amen!




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