Bald But Insecure

I’m not entirely sure why I cut my hair off. I was in a good space, I didnt have any men problems, work was cool. I had been thinking about cutting my hair for some time. It was in a short style for a bit but I was maintaining it. Honestly If I had to think of a reason as to why I would cut all my hair off, I would say I was just tired of it. I was tired of going to the salon, I was tired of having to sleep every so lightly so I wouldn’t mess a curl up, I was just tired of it all. Since I was single I didnt have to take my significant others’ opinion of my hair. I was absolutely free to do whatever I wanted to do so I did.

August 27th, I cut it completely off and I absolutely hated it. I would like to point out I was a bit pressured but ultimately it was my decision. I was 100% was mortified of what I had done. But I put that confident face on, and went on about my day, my week, my month. A few months have gone by and between you & I, I’m still a bit insecure about not having any hair. Ladies, there is hope on the other side, its only hair and it WILL grow back, I promise you. I fight daily, like am I pretty enough? Being damn there bald, makes you not be able to hide behind anything! There’s no barrier between you and the rest of the World, which can be both good and bad.

I salute the women who before me, have revealed in their bald beauty! I think you are so beautiful, and I can only hope to one day, be as confident as you are. Thank you!


Shout Out to the men who have told me how beautiful I am.



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