Daddy Duties 

I think I was assigned to the wrong dad. I honestly believe there was some mix up at the hospital I was born in because the man that I’ve been told is my dad, just couldn’t be. 

I am full of love, and goodness. I see only the best in everyone, even when they aren’t putting their best foot forward. In ny thirty years I can’t remember a single event where my dad has been there when absolutely needed. An event where my dad went above for me, where my needs as a child/adult was put before his own. I’ve made mistakes in my life, I’m sure I’ll make a million more, and I’ve corrected my wrongs. I’ve apologized when I didn’t believe I was at fault to save friendships that I thought was important to me. 

Being thirty, I’m still finding myself. I’m still working on who I am as a person and who I’d ultimately like to be. So I’m not always quick to speak up when I should, but bare with me, I’m learning. So something major happened in my life and my dad dropped the ball. I don’t ask for much from anyone, and I’ve stop expecting anything, however I’m disappointed that my dad couldn’t be there for me. 

Based on his attitude, I’ve decided to move forward with my life without him being apart of it. I most definitely love my dad but if you can’t step up, be a man and right your wrongs I want no part. 


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