Touch Me. Please.

I want to be in a relationship! I’m over being single! I know I just wrote the other day, that I’m happy I’m not dating, and I’m sticking to that but I’m not asking to date. I want to be married with kids already. Being single sucks some days! Like I have human interactions daily, I probably had my fill of human interaction to last me for a life time. What I’m missing is human touch. If you are single like me, try this and tell me if it doesn’t bring you almost to tears.

First keep an Open Mind. That is key to this exercise.

Is your mind opened? Good. Give someone a 20 second hug. No more, no less. The person hugging you can count out loud to twenty to keep track. Feel free to close your eyes, and really soak in that body to body contact. This first time I did this, I had been single for seven months and I was feeling … every bit of single. That 20 second hug, made me feel the most loved I had in months, and it came from a semi stranger.

Human touch is so powerful. That’s one major downfall of being single, I dont receive human touch as much as I would like or need.










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