First Date Sex

If I choose to have sex with you, that is my choice. Whether it is the first date or the tenth, it is my choice what I’d like to do with my body. As a man you are always within your right to decline any advances, but you cant partake then call me names after. I am well aware of the double standard that men and women adhere to but I’m not with it. As a woman I should be able to make any decisions I’d like to, as long as I can live with them. I am an adult, a true blue grown up, who takes care of herself, so my body is my decision.

I was with my ex-boyfriend for five years, and we had sex on the first date. We had been talking for weeks, and when we finally met there was an electricity that was uncontrollable. I can’t say love at first sight but it was something indescribable. All I know is I got Goosebumps that night when I saw him walking towards me. Would I change what I did that night, definitely not. I had an enjoyable time! I am a walking contradiction, as much as I believe intimacy should be shared within two people with feelings for each other, I am also all for scratching an itch.

I dont judge. I just want you to be an adult while making adult decisions, and be prepared for the consequences. So enjoy, and make sure you bring protection and toys with you.



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