Light Stealers

Beware, Be Aware of the light stealers, for they are all around you. I would want to believe in my ability to pick folks, to be in my inner circle, that had my best interest at heart. Unfortunately we can be wrong in the folks that we allow to be in our world. Sometimes we elevate and our friends haven’t yet, but they dont know how to be there for you during your time. We may not all find success at the same time, but I can continue to support your efforts even though it may be MY time.

I will always be that chick that supports you. I will always be that friend to be there for you. I’m still learning how to put myself first. I’m never selfish with my time, but I’m learning how to block off chucks of time for my own peace of mind. You have to be aware of those who dont clap when you level up, those are your light stealers. I want to  be apart of a community of women who lift one another up no matter what season of success they are in.

If I can’t be apart, then I’m willing to create it.



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