Hello Gents?

Do gentlemen still exist?

I promise you I am not trying to start anything but lately my observation shows me, there are no more gentlemen in this World. I can’t stand to see men sitting down while there are pregnant or elderly women standing up. Like, Mister get your ass up. Another human being shouldn’t have to ask you to give up your seat, as this should be common practice. I know for a fact that if that was your elderly ass mother on the bus, about to fall over, but yet not one male offered her a seat, you have an issue. Another thing, men why do you run for seats? The fare you pay is for the ability to get on the train/bus it does not guarantee a seat. Every time I see you run for a seat, you are no longer a man, you are now a female.

I just want to see men doing king sh!t. One thing I loved about living in Baltimore, was even the most ruthless had a gentlemen code. It was always yes ma’am, no ma’am. Dont get it twisted that same gentlemen was a straight gangster who normally didnt have to kill anyone to get respect. I’m not sure where or who this new ‘man’ was raised by but unfortunately you have failed. I need people to go back to teaching respect as it once was. When I actually have a daughter, I want to be sure there will be a gentleman out here for her to meet.



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