Cold Turkey

Some folks you have to cut off and quit cold turkey. I was dating someone who I was really feeling but after a while it was apparent that we was not compatible. However no matter how much I would dead him, and break things off. I would eventually go back, or he would return. I couldn’t and still cant understand what made him so special that I would be willing to put my sanity on the line to date him.

After going back and forth within myself, plus making up to break up, I had to make a decision. I was done with him for good… for good measure I even blocked him. After some time, I unblocked him. Silly me.  Maybe I wanted him to reach out being the person I wanted him to be. Well he did reach out but everything was still the same. I’m not sure why I thought things would be different, he had told me he wasn’t going to change who he was. We even made plans to meet up and hang out, before that day came, I made my final decision to leave this man alone. Especially since he had moved on, and was dating someone new. I’m not sure why he was still reaching out to me, when it was very clear he was content with the person he was currently dating. Although I had played myself, I wasn’t so far gone that I couldn’t end this fuck*ry.

It’s never too late to right your own wrong.



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