Uncivilize Me

I think it’s the most mature action, to decide with a level head that a relationship is not working for you, and to follow through with the steps to end it. I wish life wasn’t messy and when you stopped loving someone the feelings they have for you also stopped. However there would be no fun in that. (Side-Eye)

It takes a lot of wrong to make me want to stop trying. As long as you are willing I will be willing to do whatever is needed to make the relationship work. I’m def not a quitter but I’m learning that not everything needs to be saved. Some things you are REQUIRED to let die. I was with my ex -boyfriend for five years, and I always say after three we should’ve stayed broken up. I even moved to another city! And yet I came back to be with that man. Everything happens for a reason though, with my coming back to New York I began working for a company, with amazing benefits… so a win.

As I matured I’ve learned how to express myself better, my communication has greatly improved. But there are times where I do not want to be civilized! I just want to ‘break up’ by cursing you out, being petty and acting like an adolescent. Why should I be the mature one?

Tristan J.



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