Fun & Games

It’s all fun and games until I no longer answer the phone. Until those text messages start going unanswered. Until you’ve been blocked and you’re wondering why its’ been months since I’ve made an effort. So recently I texted a few folks that I was done with them but I wished them the very best. A few inquired as to why, but the majority accepted their fate. For the one of the two that inquired why, he laughed it off when I explained my reasoning, he even stated he would be ‘better’… it’s been a few days and better has yet to appear.  The other was irritated that I had come to this conclusion, and tried to turn the table on me. Shaming me, stating that “One day I’m with him, then the next I am against him.” I flipped my shit. People will try to turn ish back on your when you finally decide to call them out on their ish! I’ve been ‘down’ for this guy since I was 19! I can’t even remember why I allow him to continue to get through when he text but that was then and this is now. There will never be a day where he will get that type of loyalty from me EVER!

Once you lose me as a friend, that means you didn’t take care of your part as a friend to me. I hold on to folks despite myself, in spite of your behavior. At what point do I say enough is enough? After I’ve been so used, that I’m now a bitter ole bitty, that pushes everyone away? Nah Kid, I’d rather ass-kick you out of my World.



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