As if

So I’m still in awe that as of 1/1 I have 375 followers on Instagram! When I started to take my writing serious I had 99 followers, so the fact that 375 people care a little bit about what I have to say is mind blowing. I can’t even tell you how it makes me want to cry, right now! I just want to be able to bring other women together, as I know there is more than enough sun for all of us to shine together. I’m still finding out what my purpose is beside eating well!

For the folks who come to my website, my Instagram, TristanJonez, I can only humbly thank you for uplifting me as you do. I’m a better woman because you care enough to challenge my views. I can NEVER make up how blessed you make me feel but I will do all that I can to make sure I live up to the expectation. Don’t worry I’m working on blowing your mind!

Tristan J.


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