Dictate ME?

Please! Do not allow folks to dictate how the eff you’re going to live your life. This week I was taught a valuable lesson about life, and I realized something special about myself in the process. I don’t care about how people think of me or my actions. I realize everyone has an opinion, and If you’re unlucky they will share it with you.

At work, I am considered a nice friendly person, which I surely am. Only to a select few do I allow them to see how I am outside of work. A coworker felt the need to ‘let me know’ that me being so friendly with other male coworkers could be perceived the wrong way, especially by a female. I didn’t inquire what he meant, because I don’t really care. Listen I’m nice enough to allow folks to express themselves to me, however I’m going to do whatever makes me happy. I know that I am not doing anything inappropriate with my coworkers, but IF I WAS, that is my choice to make, and my consequences to suffer.

Live your Life… No Matter what that looks like to the Outside World.


Tristan J.


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