Let me first say, I promise I am not dwelling on this, or do I actively think of this. However It just came to my mind, while I was writing my advice on another topic… I am nervous that I will die alone, and without ever having children. The thought alone makes me unfilled. I do not want to leave this Earth without creating life.

I know I am having these thoughts because my birthday is coming up and I have NO prospects in my personal life. However I am going to keep on pushing, I’m going to put the thoughts aside, and keep focusing on this amazing life I am creating.

Tristan J.



  1. With age comes that sense of urgency that you “need” a significant other… when the time is right your “Adam” will find his “Eve”. Until then you have to rideal this thing called life out. You don’t want to settle for less than you deserve just to be with somebody. By far you are not desperate and way too beautiful to rush what the big man upstairs have planned for you

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