You didn’t Ask

I am all for a woman doing whatever it is she feels like doing. I will always be all for a woman doing whatever she feels like doing, especially with her own body. It annoys me when folks have opinions about how and why a female is doing her. Last time I checked, nobody is asking for your opinion about the next individual. I’ve always listened to my own drum, when it came to making decisions. I am the person who has to deal with the consequences of my actions.

Since I was seventeen, I’ve been the captain of this ship, and I would like to believe I have steered her correctly. I do not have any regrets, as every single lesson, was just that, a lesson. I hope I have learned what was there for me to learn as of lately I do believe I have taken heed to those lessons. Although there are things that my friends confide in me about, all I can do is listen, If they should ask for my opinion, only then do I share my feelings.

Do you give your unsolicited advice, when not asked?

Tristan Jonez.


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