Take this L

Think for yourself.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been friends with folks, or thought I was friends with folks, and they switch up. Since I spend the majority of my time at work, thats where most of my interactions take place. I know I have to stop using the word, ‘friends’, with these people but its my go to word. These people are NOT my friends, they are just people whom I like well enough to pass the time with while at work. To be fair, there are a handful, five, of people who are genuine human beings, but the rest, nope.

I am cordial to EVERYONE! Even if you are not someone who I deal with, or like personally, I will still greet you. Now if I greet you and you fail to respond, your done. I do not need to kiss anyone’s ass to make them like me, I love me and thats more than enough. I have my moments where I can be petty but I don’t feel the need to bring that side out unless you need a reality check about who I am.

I can be cool with you and your friend not be cool with me. Thats ok. Its none of my concern, the friendship you have with them over there. If you have no issue with me, and I none with you, you can still Kiki with me. Its not causing no static with that other friend. Get to know me for yourself! Your friend could just be a hater, cuz Im doing my thing, staying in my own lane, while trying to branch into others. So Eff your friend, and matter fact Eff you too.

Im one of the coolest chicks you’d ever meet. You’re replaceable, I’m NOT!


Tristan Jonez.


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