Anyway Do it.

Even when you are scared, do it anyway.

One of my biggest flaws, I am scared of confrontation. I can write about anything but when it comes to verbally expressing my displeasure in something I clam up. I’m not sure why that is but I have a really hard time telling folks how I feel especially when I do not know how they will react. I’m also passive aggressive, I am a people pleasure for sure. I thought once I became an adult that would be the first flaw I would work on and correct. Thirty-One years and I still fear confrontation.

Today my sistergirl made me confront that fear, and guess what she is still my friend. She is still someone who I feel has my best interest at heart. Our mind has a way of turning on itself when it only has one side. I’m still horribly scared of confronting someone but it is my goal to do it anyway. I have to stop holding how I feel inside, and let others know. You just did something I do not appreciate, I need to express that. How can the other person begin to make changes if I do not say anything. Now if they don’t make changes after knowing how you feel, then they don’t give a shit about you, and you need to move the hell on.

Tristan J.


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