I’ve always like the human body. I’ve admired the curves, the shape, the silhouette. I don’t think I’ve admired my body in all the ways that I needed to, but the body in all its many shapes, sizes and colors, I love.

Lately I’ve been thinking about creating and building a portfolio, and I would like to focus on the human body… The Naked Human body. In my mind, I know exactly how I want the photos to turn out, or at least the vibe of the photos. I want the naked body to be celebrated again, and because I have such an admiration, I believe I would be able to give life to the photos. Black and White is my absolute favorite so of course, that would be my go to, now I’m just missing the models.

This is my masterpiece of photo shoots, so I think I’m going to work my way up to it, and with time I’ll find the models who’ll trust me and my vision.

Would you like to model for me?



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