Soon, I promise

I wrote every single day in February. Sometimes I was able to kick out two and three topics for a single day. I was abundantly blessed with content that I was overflowing with words, and for that I’m grateful. Today is the seventh day of March and I have yet to write or post anything, to my readers I do apologize. I’ve just been living a little, taking some time off to do nothing, and everything. As much as it sucks that I haven’t been typing away at my computer keys, the break has been much needed. Inspiration was found, and will be given onto you all.

This might become a habit, but for now I am going to focus on doing what I do best… giving y’all my unsolicited opinion on all things relationship.

Tristan Jonez.

PS. A New post will be live on March 8. Thank you for sticking with me!