I know it takes money to make money but once you invest money in something you are making the decision to be all the way official with it. My website desperately needs to be turned into an official website. I am super proud of myself, for my content but the general look of needs to be revamped. When I do come to the site, to read what I’ve written, I get a lil bummed out by the look of it.

I wonder if my readers feel the same as I do when I visit my site, if so I need to put the money into my site. February was my happiest month on record, and I want to believe that maintain had much to do with that. So its only right that I treat her as good as she’s treated me.

I am making it my business to get my act together, personally and professionally. Let’s focus on professionally though.




  1. Hey, it’s unfortunate that you feel that way when you look at your website but those that know what your website is supposed to represent can & will cherish the simplicity of it all, I enjoy it, no need to turn it in to an ad plagued website.


    1. Thank you for your response, However I have no intentions on turning it into an ad plagued website, I don’t think I mentioned anything of ads in the post.


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