One Night Only

I’ve finally made my way to Vegas.

For some odd reason, Vegas was not really on my list of places to go! I know Las Vegas is more than just Casinos, Shows and Pool Parties, but now that I’ve tasted the Vegas life, I am more than ready to go back! I know I say this about every single destination but I could see myself living there, Its beautiful! The airport is five minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip, but I will be sure to venture out from the sights and sounds of the main attraction. I’m always interested in what a city has to offer beyond whats presented to me.

So for this overnight trip, I stayed at the Signature at the MGM Grand. Beautiful hotel which overlooks the comings and going of the Airport. Close your eyes, and imagine the view of the runway as it lights up! Whats Vegas if you don’t crash a party or two? It was someone’s company party, and it created a night to remember. Theme was totally 80’s, with Michael Jackson, Tina Turner and Sir Elton John making their presence known! Let me not forget about the lighted robots, folks on stilts, and a preying mantis! Whatever Company that was, I would totally work for them, they put out all the stops!

Tristan Jonez.


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