Darius Cooks.

So about two years ago Instagram introduced me to DariusCooks! And I have been addicted to him ever since. If my memory serves me correctly, I saw a photo of a dish he has cook/created and being the food lover I am I could not resist. Weeks later, he posted he would be planning the ultimate dinner party for 20 people. I was so determined to go, that I asked all my friends to assist, in being one of the twenty to get a ticket, unfortunately, none of my friends helped so I wasn’t able to go to the VERY first dinner. Luckily for me, he did ONE more, and guess who got a ticket? ME!! Since that first initial dinner, he has added more cities, with more recipes!

The food was amazingly amazing! I was hooked! Fortunately for me I went a second time, brought along my gay best friend, and my then boyfriend. On this Thursday, May 18th, I will be attending for the third and final time! I will be bringing along my coworker turned friend Tika, so she can experience this ‘family reunion’ style dinner party. To watch this gentleman grow as a brand, has been such a pleasure!

Tristan Jonez

PS, Yes that is certainly me in the photo. I had to unbutton my damn pants and shirt, as I was literally bursting at the seems.




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