Sick As Shtt

Now I don’t get sick often but when I do, it hits me like a plaque. I definitely feel like I am fighting for my life! Okay, so I am a bit dramatic, but being sick truly feels like the final knockout punch. I knew I was going to get sick when I left work on Sunday, there was that tickle in my throat, but I didn’t get home fast enough to knock it out. So when I woke up on Monday morning, I could barely see, my vision was blurred, and my throat felt like it was on fire! Being the big baby I am, the tears were soon to follow. The hardest thing about being sick, I have to take care of myself. Long gone are the days where a man, would do more than send an occasional text message. What happened to checking in? Making sure I am at least still alive? Hmph!

So today is day two, and Im feeling better than I did on day one. I was able to go outside, pick up some items to make my version of chicken soup. Shout out to my coworkers, cuz they made sure to check in with me. I can’t stress enough, its the little things that means more than my words could ever describe. I am still in bed, drinking peppermint tea with ginger, and rubbing Vicks all of me. One way or another I will be better… And soon!




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