CoffeeShop (Amsterdam)

So when I was invited to tag along in Amsterdam, of course I jumped on that! I found a way to make it work with my schedule, although I would be on the West Coast at the time. Ending my evening in Vegas the night before after drinking and partying was quite a feat but I managed to pull it off, especially being the flight was ten hours! Ouch!

Prior to going to Amsterdam, every time I thought about it, my mind instantly went to The Red Light District, and being able to purchase weed. I got to experience both, and my reaction surprised myself. Went we went to the Red Light District, it was weird seeing woman showcase their ‘goods’ so freely, but it was oddly refreshing. Im not known for judging but I felt so much woman empowerment at the notion of a woman being able to do whatever she pleased with her body. Kudos Ladies!

Now Marijuana was all over. And because it was everywhere, it took the shame away. Being able to walk into, several many, shops and light up, is priceless. I must admit, I went into a coffeeshoppe, and inhaled. (Laughing) Growing up I never, (And still don’t) feel the pressures to smoke bud, its just not my thing but when in Rome… YES, I smoked marijuana in Amsterdam. Not necessarily on my bucket list, but its a story to tell the kiddos! Amsterdam was such a change of pace from the craziness that was Vegas.

IF you ever get the opportunity to travel to Amsterdam, don’t delay, just do it!



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