Today I saw the man that assaulted me. The man who I dated, who I thought respected me, who I believed was my friend first. I saw him today, and for a moment it took me back to that place where he violated me. For a moment I didn’t have the strength or courage to speak, I didn’t want to speak. It’s amazing how many emotions you can feel in a moment, or how a moment can stretch longer than humanly possible. I was frozen in that moment until he spoke, he spoke! First anger, then calmness I felt. 

How dare this man go on as if he didn’t hurt me in the most intimate way? How dare he get out of this unchanged? 

Understanding I’m not what has happened to me. I Can choose, I will choose, and I choose not to allow him to create chaos within me. He does not have permission to have my body, or my mind. What he can have is my silence, he doesn’t get to set this straight with his conscience. 

As for me in that one moment I found my strength. 

Tristan J. 


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