Tub dub dub

Please don’t think I’m crazy but I believe I am about to place myself on a mission to find the best tub for a in “house” spa experience. Most folks believe hotel tubs/jucuzzis are disgusting but that’s all a matter of opinion. I usually bring a small travel sized bottle of awesome so I can clean the tub before I sit my pum pum down! (Laughing) 

My usual go to shoppe is Lush Cosmetics, I live for that brand! And I even worked there once in my life. Everything just smells devine but it’s not always great for my plumbing. So in an effort to not only create a spa like experience, but to save my plumbing, I’m on a mission. I will update you guys often, about the location and the products used to create such a #selfcare space. 

Tristan Jonez 

*Image swiped from Pinterest. 


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