“They” say you are what you attract so recently I’ve been approached by either hood dudes or nerdy weirdos, does that mean I’m a combination of both? My friends would agree that I am combo of many things, including Hood (at times) and pure weirdness. I’ve come to accept the many different sides of myself, aren’t we all multifaceted? I don’t have split personalities, each identity with a new name, nah that’s not me. I just know certain sides of myself, need to be called to the front of the line depending on the situation.

Now back to my dating life, or non existence of it. Although I’ve been approached by opposite ends of the spectrum, I am an equal opportunity dater so I welcome all suitors. Why wouldn’t I? I’m willing to see beyond a first initial impression and at least get to know someone. People have a way of surprising you when you least expect it.

Do you allow men who may not be your preference have a chance?

Tristan Jonez