Excuse(s) Me?

Unfortunately I’ve mostly been the girl who puts a date on it before I actually do it. Stop waiting until Monday to start, stop waiting for “tomorrow”, stop waiting for the first of the month to do it. As soon as you imagine the change, complete the change then and there. I know what I’m asking of you, I’m asking you to get uncomfortable. When you set a future date, you’re just giving yourself time to back out. Time to talk yourself out of the very thing you dreamt up. 

I can’t tell you how many Mondays have come and gone, and I was still in the same place. I made no moves toward anything but the nearest excuse. For example, I’ve been meaning to print out the two books I’ve created but I would say, next day off, I’ll go to Staples or before work I’m heading to Staples. In all that time, I made no real effort to go, if before work I’d say I don’t want to be late or I’d rather sleep a lil more. I was telling myself excuses, consistently. 

Whatever you’re choosing to do, create the steps then and there! I promise Once you start to do the work, the Universe will reward you. 


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