Be Careful who you go to War for, cuz once they’ve called a Truce; You’re still the Enemy.

I had to really examine myself and my actions when it pertains to others. I have always been willing to fight and defend those who can’t/won’t but I am not doing that anymore. When I go to War on someone’s behalf I am ready for the consequences of such actions, however I didn’t realize that the person Im going to War for could call a Truce and forget to include me in the deal. After going through my latest battle because of someone else, I have learned to let folks fight their own battles. I will be neutral as that is the only way to be safe. I have to learn to allow folks to make the decisions they deem necessary, All the while, respecting those decisions. If I should be asked to help, I will politely decline, as I have to learn to stay within the limits of friendship I’ve set.



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