Check Myself.

This morning when I woke up I was in such a shitty mood. I was mad at the World, mad at my friends, or lack of, I was just Mad AF. I lay in a bed a few minutes after the alarm went off, just dreading getting out of bed. Then I had to check myself. How dare I even fix my face to be mad? There are folks in this World who didn’t have the opportunity to wake up, who didn’t have the opportunity to feel anything, and yet here I am, with the nerve to be upset?

Everything is ALL  about perspective. I better wake up with a smile on my face, as I was given the chance to be better, do better, make the World in which I live, better. I was granted another day to live out my wildest dreams, so I have absolutely nothing to be mad about!

When needed, how do you check yourself?




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