LilMiss Katy Perry

I’ve always been a Katy Perry fan, Always.

However, with her newest release I found myself not really caring much about it. I wasn’t actively seeking out any new music from her. As a black woman, I love when artist include my culture in their music, but it needs to be genuine. Don’t stan my culture because you have new music coming out and need some type of an edge. I’m sure I borrow and incorporate other cultures into my life but I am still true to who I am.

Although, Katy is an artist, I felt I recognized her as that artist. With the new album, Witness, I didn’t know who the hell she was. As a fan, I didn’t recognize her. I am all for evolving, I think as a woman, you should be applauded for finding the courage to change. As an artist, I want you to experiment with music and sounds, I want you to find sounds that make your own heart beat, but I want you to try to stay true to your hard core audience. If you want to add some soul, please do. BUT don’t create a whole new persona, that a fan, such as myself, cant recognize you.

I am always willing to give the music a chance. I may not like/love who ‘Katy Perry’ is currently but I cant deny her music speaks volumes to me.

Tristan Jonez

Side Note: If you decide to give the album a chance my favorite songs are Tsunami, Chained to the Rhythm and the very soulful Pendulum.


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