According to … Kiana lede

“Now you feeling guilty, that’s your conscious, Cant you tell a bitch is fed up with your nonsense.” -Kiana Lede

“I know how to be accountable for everything Ive done […] I know I fucked up once and its bad, so I cant front. Guess I’ll just smoke this blunt.” -6LACK

This is not taking account for your actions, telling me you know HOW doesn’t make you accountable for them. List them out, speak on what you’re actually taking accountability for. Giving me a line about it means absolutely nothing to me. Apologize, give me changed behavior, actually growing and working thru your fuck up is what’s going to make me stay, or possibly come back. I know your tactics so doing what you’ve done is going to work, especially when a woman is fed up.

Tristan Jonez

Lyrics from Second Chances ft. 6LACK

Kiana Lede

Listen! Listen!

When I suggest an album, an artist, you need to listen to them immediately! Kiana Lede, is one of those artist you should already be listening to. Even before her album KIKI dropped, but I won’t hold it against you if you haven’t listened to this Queen. BUT If you don’t run and listen to her soon, we are going to have an issue. With features from Ari Lennox, Lucky Daye, Arin Ray, Col3trane, and more, this is such a R&B album, with tracks you’ll want to repeat for the Summer especially the song Labels featuring Moneybagg yo and BIA. I think I am going to do a “According to Kiana Lede” section because we need to break down these lyrics, including my favorite song Second Chances.

Tristan Jonez.


Growing up I definitely was a fan of N*SYNC. When Justin decided to go solo, even in my child like mind, I knew that was a good look. It also helped that, solo, he was more geared towards R&B versus pop with N*SYNC, being friends with Timberland prolly assisted in the seamless transition. Random Thought; Do we place him in the ‘blue eyed soul category? And if so, is that considered an insult?

At first listen I didn’t exactly love the album , Man of the Woods, but upon locking myself in with it, it’s actually a very good album. I know folks crossed him off after ‘NippleGate’ but it’s been how long? Let’s let it go! I can’t remember the last time I went to a concert but I do believe in this album so fondly that I’m considering seeing him when he arrives in Chicago. If you’ve experienced the album, how does it move you?

Tristan J.

Back To Me

One of the very best women empowerment albums is Fantasia’s Back to me. I can’t exactly remember what was going on in her life, as I am not a stalker, but every single song she comes with fire. Telling woman they can do anything they put their mind to, telling woman not to accept whatever a man chooses to give you but to raise your standards, and leave them right where they stand if need be.

I almost said, this album was dedicated to woman who were just getting back on their feet, but nah, thats just limiting. This album is for those who are ready to change their circumstances, those who need to hear that extra boost of motivation and confidence, that they can do it all!

Tristan Jonez.

FYI: Favorite song, Man of the House, Even Angels and Who’s been lovin’ you, however the WHOLE album is my favorite!

LilMiss Katy Perry

I’ve always been a Katy Perry fan, Always.

However, with her newest release I found myself not really caring much about it. I wasn’t actively seeking out any new music from her. As a black woman, I love when artist include my culture in their music, but it needs to be genuine. Don’t stan my culture because you have new music coming out and need some type of an edge. I’m sure I borrow and incorporate other cultures into my life but I am still true to who I am.

Although, Katy is an artist, I felt I recognized her as that artist. With the new album, Witness, I didn’t know who the hell she was. As a fan, I didn’t recognize her. I am all for evolving, I think as a woman, you should be applauded for finding the courage to change. As an artist, I want you to experiment with music and sounds, I want you to find sounds that make your own heart beat, but I want you to try to stay true to your hard core audience. If you want to add some soul, please do. BUT don’t create a whole new persona, that a fan, such as myself, cant recognize you.

I am always willing to give the music a chance. I may not like/love who ‘Katy Perry’ is currently but I cant deny her music speaks volumes to me.

Tristan Jonez

Side Note: If you decide to give the album a chance my favorite songs are Tsunami, Chained to the Rhythm and the very soulful Pendulum.

Groovy Baby.

There is nothing like Soul Music from the 70’s. Nothing.

As I was walking home last night, I started to feel blue, but before I could give in to the feeling completely, “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green came on. It’s one of my absolutely favorite songs. I wasn’t around in the 70’s but whenever I listen to music from that period, I am transported back. I see myself walking through the streets of Harlem with my afro, bell bottoms and platform shoes. I would’ve loved to see Al Green performing ANYWHERE! Every song its like he’s singing only to me. He makes being in the love the most intimate act ever. Listening to Mr. Green just makes your senses alive, its like your heart has recognized him, and behaves accordingly. Either there’s an old soul lady within me, or I was born in the wrong era musically.

Is this the same for you guys? What genre just moves your soul?

Tristan Jonez.