Tired AF

Have you ever been tired AF but unable to find any rest at night?

This week I just couldn’t sleep! I’ve stopped taking sleeping pills to help me sleep a few years ago, and I refuse to go back to that routine. I would usually drink peppermint tea about an hour before ‘bedtime’ to try to ready my body for sleep. Since I moved to the new spot in Queens, I haven’t had the opportunity to purchase tea, or a mug so that’s been a wrap.

Since I love the beach, even though I have yet to visit one this summer, I found beach sounds on Spotify last night. I can’t be sure that was the cure to my insomnia but it definitely worked beautifully. I felt like I was sitting at my usual spot in Puerto Rico, under the sun, just blissfully relaxing. It was such a feeling! Its incredible how music can just transport us, damn there physically to another place.

Needless to say, I slept amazingly. What’s your trick when you can’t sleep?


Tristan J.