Vintage train

Vintage Subway Trains have arrived for the holidays!  Aren’t you so excited? I am.

I am semi obsessed with the 1930’s; The music, the culture, the people. I think I was born in the correct time, but to have a glimpse in the past makes me so super excited. The MTA, which at times I despise, is hosting their annual holiday return of vintage trains, which usually runs between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.

Since the MTA is celebrating this year’s unveiling of the second ave subway line, its being dubbed as “Shoppers Special” and will run on that line. There are a eight train cars, that were used from 1930 until about the late 1970. The MTA does an extremely good job of keeping the vibe of the trains in perfect condition of yesteryear. Every Sunday (10a-5p) from now until Dec 24th, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the past in the present. You’d think getting this experience would cost an arm, but all it cost is the swipe of your metro card. We usually only get panhandling for the price of our metro swipe so this is a welcomed perk!

Tristan J

SideNote: Please Please Keep ‘Showtime’ off these vintage trains, allow me to pretend I really am back in the 1930’s.


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