True to the Game (Movie)

We both know books will always be better than the movie. We also both know, the minor details, the way we see the characters, the Je ne sais quoi of the book won’t always reflect in the movie version but we always hope we’ll recognize the vibe of the book. Unfortunately True to the Game has been butchered severely. The folks who produced and rewritten for television consumption did the book a disservice, and it’s only been on for eight minutes. Just like y’all, I’ve read this book more times than I can count and I’d told myself not to watch the movie but I don’t normally listen, so let’s analyze.

Book Quadir is a man you’ll hear about but rarely will see. Movie Quadir is front and center. Book Qua, NEVER would he handle business in a crowded club, NEVER. He’s chatting it up with females, being seen, eh! Disgusting. Where’s the finesse? The kuft?

I think I’ve said what the fuck and What am I watching about thirty times.

Have you read the book? If so, would watching this atrocity of a movie, ever enter your mind?



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