So … I really wanted to see the Kaws exhibit at Brooklyn Museum this year, but unfortunately I missed it. Granted I hadn’t been to NYC since March, and it really was out of sight, out of mind, but I attempted to go in the final days of the exhibit. However the weather was not making that easy, on the week that I was planning to go, a hurricane decided to form, so most flights cancelled. THEN New York flooded! I’m like is this all just a ploy so that I will not be able to absorb the Art, I need? Fortunately I have a BFF who loves me! Although I know he went to enjoy the exhibit, he was nice enough to take photos, and capture the essence of the exhibit.

Ready to see?

Tristan J.


Yall know I love blk and white photography, just an instant timeless photo. And when done right, when you get ‘the’ shot, it becomes a forever photo. So I’m always trying new (for me) things, this time I was playing with lighting, and posing. I honestly never know how to pose, so I just do slow random movements, then check the footage, and make adjustments as needed. This time I was in Puerto Rico, and the bathing suit I was planning on wearing, was not staying in the correct places, so I decided to still utilize the suit in my room. Without further delay … Also, Be Kind about my work! I’m sensitive about my shit!

Tristan J.

Sam F

I finally got the chance to go to Dallas to see Basquiat’s painting, “Sam F”, at the Dallas Art Museum, and it was different than what I expected. I vaguely remembered the canvas was a door, but then I saw it. Almost skyed, mounted on the wall, although it was in a ultra prime location in the museum, it didn’t feel like the best place for it to be. However I was beaming like a schoolgirl when I saw it.

Do you guys have an artist that y’all can’t get enough of?

Tristan J.

Art Q (STL)

I love connecting through STL airport, because the art is ALWAYS on point! When I am working a lil too much, I love that I am able to see Artwork in most airports, but STL is my fav. There are two areas where art is displayed, and when I’m in the airport for a bit, I try to visit both sites. This time I was only able to visit one art ‘gallery’ because it was on the way to my gate.

Here’s the Leap Collection, 2018-2019 by Visual Artist Mojo.

Tristan Jonez.

Summa Summa

This Summer I don’t feel like Ive done much of anything, except maybe work. So now we are quickly falling into fall, and although I celebrate all the seasons, I am not looking forward. Currently I am looking out the window, and the winds are blowing hard! Welcome to Chicago. I just am not ready but I am ready for fall foods. Welcome to the season of comfort food! I’m not a super fan of pumpkin (anything) but I can already taste the autumn squash soup!

I am going to try my best to actually participate in Fall. My goal is to try new restaurants, because food is life. Have y’all done anything for the summer?

Tristan J.

Happy First(ish) Day of Fall.

JFG x 7-Eleven.

I love streetwear, even if I don’t wear it myself. I just love the thought, and the work that goes into design and marketing, especially from Black designers. So when I came across Joe Freshgoods from the Westside of Chicago, I took notice. My friends that are into the sneaker space, knew who he was but I had no such luck. So imagine my surprise when it was announced he was collaborating with 7-Eleven, with merchandise, but he was also had the opportunity to ‘take over’ a store here in Chicago.

I went to the 7-Eleven which was in the loop, on E. Wacker, but of course I didn’t bring my tripod. Right place and Right time, as there was another stylish woman taking photos. So of course I asked ‘Want me to take your photo?’ said she yes, so I slipped in that, “Can you also take mine?” Poof a photoshoot was born!

Also, I am currently obsessed with ‘Polaroid’ type photos.

Tristan Jonez.

Chicago’s Own.

Your favorite Non decision maker, has made a decision.

Say Congratulations, because I have officially moved to Chicago, IL! Yes, I am a resident! I even manifested this apartment yall. Its everything I want, minus being a second floor walk up but even that, I love. I moved in April 4. I know I am late telling yall, but those who needed to know, knew. Although all paperwork is filed, it felt weird being ‘stabled’ like I can’t just up and walk away. I’m giving Chicago a year, to either Wow me, so that I’ll stay here forever Or I’ll be out to my beach city.

I am just here taking my time to decorate, but I have the vision, and I am going to see it through. However for now, I am so happy! Chicago, welcome your newest resident!

Tristan Jonez.


I almost forgot .. but I took a photo with Keith Haring … painting. Of Course I yelled a bit because it caught me off guard. I’m at the Art Institute Of Chicago, more than the average person, and this was the first time I was experiencing this? Crazy!

So I present, Haring & I.

Flowering Flowers

Have I told ya I be out here putting together floral arrangements? Well Have a seat, and let me put yall up on game. I can’t remember with what day or arrangement it started with. Lets just say Valentines day. I remember the roses I put together but I cant remember much else. Luckily for you, and me if I’m being honest, I took photos! Shout Out to Trader Joe’s, If you go early in the day, there’s usually a nice selection of random flowers they put together. Depending on what flowers are talking to me, I spend no more than 15$, but I don’t buy flowers every week. When my current bouquet is dead, and I mean dead dead, then I prepare to buy a new set.

I brought tulips, to celebrate the first days of Spring, but even with a delay getting them cut and into water, they last such a long time, a few weeks. And I captured them in the dying process, up until the very last day, they were such beauties. Theres just something about fresh flowers that make you a bit happier with the day.


Made in Lagos

So … I’m listening to WizKid’s Made in Lagos on Recommendation from a Hinge Profile. Homie said its the best album of 2020, so I figured I’d take a listen. Well Idk If I’d call it the BEST Album but its damn good! Especially the Songs Roma, and Smile. Can I just say, I LOVE when British Rappers rap, so yup Skepta, is one of my favorites, actually the song Longtime is a favorite too. Made in Lagos is a chill album, Whether in the morning with a cup of tea, or at night, with a glass of wine, getting ready to go out, this album is all about feel good music. I could imagine how it would hit, hopefully in 2021/2022, we’ll be able to experience it! Have you guys heard this album?

Tristan J.

Also, Sweet One is such a great song. Just close your eyes and vibe out!

U.Falls S2

I finished season one of Utopia Falls, and I am ready for Season two. Or at least some information on IF there will even be a season two. I won’t spoil anything for those who would like to watch but as of today, there is no word on if the series is scheduled to be canceled. I truly hope that intent the case. It’s a REALLY good series, that is very on par with the things we see in our own societies currently. Also, whoever does the music for the show, deserves a raise! Also, the series didn’t finish on a cliff hanger but I would like to see what the addition brings us, in season two.

Have you watched yet? Its on Hulu, when you do watch, who is a favorite? I like Brooklyn, Sage and Apollo. Tempo grinds my damn gears. I love Bodhi, Aliyah and Mags. Especially Mags.