Feelin Pretty

Have you watched the movie “I feel Pretty” with Amy Schumer?

Well, you need to! Such a good film! Such a feel good, hilarious film about self confidence, at its core. To have all the confidence in the World, it only took for the main character to have a severe head injury! If only women could feel that way, without having to receive a concussion first! If I’m giving away spoilers, I apologize but the movie has been out for forever. I enjoyed, it also highlights men feeling the exact same way as women, although in actual society, its not as discussed. I kept thinking it would be more “Devil wears Prada” but I was pleasantly surprised.

Go Watch!

Tristan Jonez.


Is it just me, Or is this website starting to feel like all we do is, watch entertainment and then I gush over how much I love it? … Then try to convince yall that you should watch as well? No? Just me? Eh, I am not sure how I feel about that. I wonder, does it reflect on me as being unproductive? Shit, I think if I possibly switched to watching documentaries about history, or something it would cast me in a different light? (Shoulder Shrug) At this point, we are all just trying to get thru, at seamless as we all can manage.

With that said, Tomorrow we’ll be discussing the movie The Photograph, or possibly just discussing the soundtrack .. or we can make it a two part and discuss both, because the soundtrack definitely needs to be talked about.

Tristan J.

True to the Game (Movie)

We both know books will always be better than the movie. We also both know, the minor details, the way we see the characters, the Je ne sais quoi of the book won’t always reflect in the movie version but we always hope we’ll recognize the vibe of the book. Unfortunately True to the Game has been butchered severely. The folks who produced and rewritten for television consumption did the book a disservice, and it’s only been on for eight minutes. Just like y’all, I’ve read this book more times than I can count and I’d told myself not to watch the movie but I don’t normally listen, so let’s analyze.

Book Quadir is a man you’ll hear about but rarely will see. Movie Quadir is front and center. Book Qua, NEVER would he handle business in a crowded club, NEVER. He’s chatting it up with females, being seen, eh! Disgusting. Where’s the finesse? The kuft?

I think I’ve said what the fuck and What am I watching about thirty times.

Have you read the book? If so, would watching this atrocity of a movie, ever enter your mind?


November Rule (Reviewish)

For me to be so single, I sure picked a romantic movie to watch! 

So November Rule, directed by Mike Elliott, is a black indie film, that I loved! (FYI I’m not sure why Tyga is in the poster for the movie, he was featured for half a second!) Don’t let that discourage you! Sneaker heads will enjoy for the multiple rare shoe sightings! 

To sum up the movie, boy meets girl, boy likes girl, but breaks up with said girl as to not have to partake in any holiday events. Girl moves on with new boy but new boy is just as douchey as old boy. Old boy realizes he wants girl but girl no longer wants him. 

You’ll love it, I promise. Just go watch the film! It’s definitely Netflix & Chill worthy. 


SideNote: LaLa does a really good job in this movie, as well as Jay Ellis, however he came off moreso bipolar than asshole. 

Seven Pounds (Reviewish)

Please do not EVER let me watch the movie, ‘Seven Pounds’! Ever!

The credits have finished rolling and I can not stop the tears from falling. I wonder If I could do it, IF I could give up my life to save someone else’s. Not just someone else, a stranger. A total stranger, someone who I had no prior knowledge of their life, only by watching them in the now, being able to figure out what type of person they are. Knowing you are the key to help, but by helping them, you were killing yourself.

I understand why the main character Ben Thomas (Will Smith) felt like he needed to repay what was lost to possibly restore balance in the Universe. Especially since he felt wholly responsible for the accident that claimed the lives of seven beings. Although I understand, I do think he could have repaid the Universe by being an amazing man, helping in all aspects that he could. He was an engineer, that was formally trained at M.I.T. so the ways in which he could repay the Universe back was endless. In a way I do believe him taking his life, although, for a commendable reason was slightly selfish. With Ben committing suicide he no longer had to deal with the emotions stemming from the accident, he no longer had to deal with anything.

What if the accident happened as a part of God’s (Whoever you believe in) plan? What if the lives lost, were due to a greater reason, a greater plan that Ben just wasn’t privy to? The movie leaves me with more questions than answers, however If I have to watch the movie again to get the answers, well then I’ll never have them. Cuz Im not ever going to watch that movie again. Twice was more than enough.

Have you guys seen it?

Tristan Jonez.

Hitch (Reviewish)

Because I am a romantic sap, my favorite movie is Hitch. Well one of my favorites, there are movies that I could sit and watch every single day! When I watch Hitch, it just gives me hope that I can, too, find someone who meshes that well with me. For those wondering I am Casey in the film, I am that friend, that dates these losers, because I have hope that they will finally be my prince incredible. Possibly If I was more like Sarah, being such a ‘realist’ she limits the amount of hurt she subjects herself to, on the flip side, she also limits herself to the amount of happiness she could possible receive too.

SideNote: I always gush over Sarah’s apartment in Soho! That place, with its bay windows, are the stuff we romantic saps dream of! Hitch’s apartment is the maker of tears, but Sarah’s has a vintage feel to it.

Double SideNote: Sarah and Casey meet up at Rice to Riches in Soho after the horrible date, where Sarah is kicked in her head. Well I absolutely Love that dessert eatery. Let’s plan a date there soon, K?

The only part in the film that makes me roll my eyes EVERY SINGLE TIME, when Hitch goes to the yacht to speak to Allegra Cole, and she lists all the things that Albert does that makes her fall for him, and they are ALL the things Hitch told him not to do, she then says, “Well what did you do?” Hitch Replies, “Nothing” Well thats a damn Lie! He created the boarding meeting outburst that allowed you (Allegra) to actually pay attention to Albert. He also was able to get the tickets to the Sky Studio Fashion Show, for you (Allegra) and your best friend to be heard about your ideas of how you should invest in Maggie’s company, So I would say Hitch did a hell of a lot, and he deserves ALL praises that I hope you gave him! What he did do!? The nerve!

If you have yet to see Hitch, first shame on you, second Go see it today, NOW!

Tristan Jonez.

Sleepless (Review)

I’m not sure I can give a review of a movie without giving everything away.

I just finished watching Sleepless, starring Jamie Foxx and Michelle Monaghan, and I’ll be the first to say I was pleasantly surprised. I don’t believe adequate press was done for this movie. I remember possibly seeing a trailer once, but nothing after. I dont even recall seeing a movie poster, where were the ads? Where were the publicity? A friend once told me, when movies come out in January, they are usually trash! Well LOW AND BEHOLD, Sleepless was/is a hit! I really enjoyed this movie! Jamie Foxx was captivating!

Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert.

In the beginning, I already had Vin Downs (Jamie Foxx) pegged as a crocked cop, because its hard to be on the straight and narrow while being police in Las Vegas, Lets be real. In the opening of the movie, Vin and his partner Cass (T.I) are on a high speed chase which ultimately ends with a few folks dead, and the cops taking cocaine. I just knew this movie would be about dirty cops pulling a juke (robbery) having the main character’s son held as bait, basically just like all the other movies we have seen thus far. Actually Vin turns out to be a undercover cop, who has sacrificed two years, plus his relationship with his wife and son, to bring down an organized crime family down. However we as the viewer doesnt realized how far up the ladder the corruption goes, until the very end. Because of the way, the movie ended I DO NOT want a sequel to be created unless it can be as equally good, as the first. And since Hollywood usually doesnt have success with the second as much as the first, well lets just say I’m really hoping they choose to leave us on a cliff hanger (sort of)

I just took a break from writing this to read the reviews on IMDB.COM, and they are really bad. Yikes! Granted I didn’t have any expectations for this film, and I also prejudged after the first twenty minutes, but damn! There are really some harsh critics out there. Fortunately this is MY review, and I say, you should go see this film. It recently just went to disc, so get the popcorn, candy and turn it into a movie night.

Tristan Jonez.