“God’s Plan for your life begins at the end of how you thought it should have been.”

The life I am currently looks like nothing I ever thought of. I still remember when I was younger, I would conjure what my future would look like at 21, at 25, at 30. And in my wildest imagination, my life is nothing I imagined. A flight Attendant? Living in Texas? The literal World, at my finger tip … Never. I don’t want to think it was for a lack of an imagination, I was willing to take risk, and go places I’d never been before, but I thought I had a plan. The life definitely turned upside down when my mother died, but I would still ‘plan’ for a future I could imagine. Chicago, even then, was the place I wanted to be, and eventually I would get there.

IF I remember, my plan was to finish high school, and continue on to college, which I did. I studied for a year before life happened, and I left college, eventually going back (and stopping) for the next five years. I dabbled in a few jobs, trying to find my footing, settling on being in a people setting. Then boom, I’m in aviation, and the ability to learn ‘hands-on’, to explore in person, the places I had read about, just made sense for my life. After almost ten years in aviation, I don’t know If I want to be anywhere else.

So whether its God’s Plan, The Universe’s Plan, Allah’s Plan, or Whichever higher power you believe in, Ive learned creating a hardcore plan, just doesn’t work. Stay flexible, Go where the trip may lead you but Always enjoy the Ride!



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