trigger warning

Thats what folks need to start posting PRIOR to uploading something that will trigger us all. Sharing and Resharing a video or a photo, of the death of a Black man, cant be healthy for us, especially for Black folks. Although I might have been fully sane to begin with, I’m In a weird space between loosing or keeping my sanity. When I close my eyes, I can not get the imagery out of my head. I never want to become accustom to the death of Black folks by the Police. NEVER!

These past few days have been so heavy, its hard to want to get out of the bed. However in spite of a global pandemic and racial uprisings/liberation, you still have to find a way to continue on. Since I am not physically joining the fight, Ive donated to the Freedom Fund so I can financially assist those who are. Violence seems to be the only language they understand, so speak fluently!

Power to the People!

Tristan Jonez


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