Once Upon A Cuba

I. Tour Guide Boyfriend.

So, picture this, its day one in Cuba, you have literally twenty minutes ago checked into your air bnb, and you are so excited, you are ignoring the urge to take a nap, so you can jump right into Cuba. Well, that was me. I was so excited to get outside, I couldn’t be bothered with resting before exploring. After a few wrong turns, and a walking thru someone’s neighborhood, I found my way into plaza vieja, which would be my favorite place in Havana.

Photo Taken By My Tour Guide Boyfriend

Short Story shorter, I ended up meeting my tour guide boyfriend. My beau showed me all around Havana, pointing out special statues, while giving me the full history on Cuba. He also, was my personal photographer, we spent about five hours together. It was my introduction to Havana, with some spaces that was for locals only. A perfect gentleman, super sweet, and we were able to toggle between English and Spanish. If I had written it for myself, I doubt I could’ve worked that perfectly.

Brace yourself … Theres more to come.



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