Cuba, MY Cuba

Ive been a horrible host, I was supposed to indulge and divulge all the details of our trip to Cuba, way back in May. In my defense I did start the conversation, with the story of my tour guide boyfriend, that I met on day one but then the World turned upside down. However I am here, to finally chat about the Country that made me teach myself Spanish!

This Week, I’ll share meeting my Birthday Boyfriend and dancing Salsa with him on my 34th Birthday. We’ll discuss how I walked over fifteen miles to see Fusterlandia, The after the club hole in the wall that served the BEST fried chicken, I’d ever had. But we cant leave out visiting Museo de Arte Colonial, where we had the pleasure of receiving a personal tour in Spanish!

Thank you for being as patient as you have been cuz Lord know I definitely dropped the Cuban ball!

Tristan Jonez


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