Family Fued.


I’m sure they’ve probably been described as a necessary evil … I’m just wishing I had one that tried to understand me. Everyday I wish upon a star that my mother was still alive, she was the only person in my World who has tried to understand why I do whatever I do, why I feel how I feel, and even back then, I don’t believe I expressed myself in a way that would’ve made it easier for her to understand. I don’t expect my extended family to be there in the same way as my parents, BUT when one of those parents die, and the other one aint worth dirt, I would hope they would step up in a way that’s needed. Listen, I am so non confrontational, I’d just rather deal with it on my own, then confront someone, Lord the anxiety. However there are times that I bite the bullet and say what’s on my mind, and it usually always makes me feel better. 2020, has taught me I cant care so much what others are going to think. I would put out feelers for the things I was thinking about doing, attempting to read the room. But I aint doing that no more, if its something I want to experience, then I have to just go for it. Either its going to work out in the ways I believe or it’ll be a lesson on what to not do for the next time.

Trstn Jnz


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