Lost / love.

It’s weird to meet the Love of your life and Soulmate at 17 but it happened to me. Whats even weirder, to only be able to experience them for three years. Ali Sidney. Man, I can’t even describe how much I miss him. Wish I could see him, talk to him, just be in his presence. Today is his birthday, well it would’ve been. 35. Thirty Five years. For him to have died at twenty two, is such a tragedy in itself. A tragedy I don’t think I’ve fully healed from even with the help of therapists, In the back of my mind, I still miss him.

Believe me when I tell you, Life is Short. Love on those who you love. If you are feeling the pressures of society, of life, PLEASE find the courage to speak to someone who can help you. Suicide is NEVER the answer, especially when the problems are temporary ones.

Tristan J.